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Empowering All Nations To Reach
Their Full Potential 

Ryan Project Funding LLC is the alternative solution to traditional, costly, and inferior infrastructure development


RPF's Non-Repayable Funding Enables A Country, Company, Or Individual To Implement Projects That Drive Economic Growth For A Nation In An Environmentally Sound & ​Fiscally Sustainable Manner.

Ryan Project Funding, LLC (RPF) is a Washington. DC based company. We offer non-repayable funding for projects on an international basis. We have a focus on the African continent, but fund projects globally. We fund infrastructure and humanitarian projects that are sustainable and improve the quality of life for the citizens of a country, while improving the fiscal position of the country.


Traditional financing programs leave current and future generations encumbered by unsustainable debt. Ryan Project Funding offers non-repayable programs, for qualified projects, that relieve that situation. Our funding is totally non-repayable, and we do not take equity, profits, management roles, or any of the products produced by the projects. Unlike others, we do not desire to control the critical infrastructure of a country or take possession of their valuable in-ground resources.


The overriding qualification to enter the Ryan Project Funding program is that the applicant project must improve the quality of life for the citizens of the project country and improve the financial sustainability of the country while not being in conflict with any of the 17 SDGs of the United Nations. In general, the projects for which funding is being requested are evaluated by several metrics:

  • What humanitarian needs will the project address?

  • How many sustainable jobs will be created?

  • How environmentally beneficial will the project be?

  • Will the project funding have a sustainable stimulating impact on the nation’s economy?

  • Will the quality of life improve for the citizens of the nation if the project is funded?


The non-repayable funding programs we offer are designed for projects, including but not limited to affordable housing, renewable power, resilient energy grid modernization, communications networks, roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, container and cruise ports, hospitals, education, tourism facilities, and waste to energy systems. This non-repayable funding initiative is inclusive of industrial facilities such as environmentally sound onshore and offshore oil and gas production facilities, refineries, smelters, and an extremely broad variety of environmentally sound manufacturing and processing facilities. Coal fired power plants are acceptable as we have funded a company that has a system in operation for three years  that profitably removes all the emissions of a coal fired power plant, It can do the same for all stationary emitters such as cement, steel, and aluminum plants,


In summary, all the non-repayable funded projects must create sustainable jobs, be environmentally sound and have a positive and sustainable economic impact on a nation and its citizens.


Robert Ryan

CEO of Ryan Project Funding LLC

As Founder, President, and CEO of RPF, Robert is applying the experience gained from over five decades of providing development for public and private projects to this growing sector. I am an international businessman who has been a resident of the Washington, DC area for over fifty years, but I have spent a major part of my career living outside the US  developing, financing, and running my own companies. Ryan Project Funding is the culmination of fifty years of international business experience. The lessons that I learned in those fifty years are a large part of our value to our clients. Most of our Executive Sales Advisors are local. They will call upon each other when they are out of their comfort zone. This cooperation brings value to our clients. Robert Ryan has been appointed as a non-executive Member of the Board of Directors of the Pan-African Chamber of Commerce.


RPF specializes in arranging infrastructure projects in developed and developing nations that include Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, the US, the Middle East, and S.E. Asia. 

RPF focuses on projects that will result in economic stimulation and job growth through infrastructure development. Additionally, the projects must not be in conflict with the 17 SDGs of the UN and have a positive environmental and humanitarian impact to be qualified for acceptance by RPF. 


RPF Typical Projects Include 

Food security, potable and agricultural water supply, hospitals, clinics, schools, affordable housing, roads, renewable energy, airports, cruise and cargo ports, bridges, tunnels, hotels, resorts, passenger and container ships, petrochemical plants, refineries, water treatment,  waste to energy systems, national telecommunications with an emphasis on internet connectivity and access tools, such as powerful tablets for internet usage, industrial parks, and tourist facilities. They are all needed and heavily utilized infrastructure projects that are additive to the quality of life for the current citizens and those yet to be born, plus the economic growth of the individual and nation. 

Program Tailored to Your Specific Needs.

RPF enables countries, whose needed infrastructure is either non-existent or has been devastated by man or nature, to build or rebuild critical infrastructure without quality concerns. RPF enables multiple projects to be grouped and worked on simultaneously.


Infrastructure Development Highlights:

  • Utilizing RPF enables a project owner to undertake  projects that without RPF were beyond the economic reach;  

  • Project Size – there is no upper size limitation;

  • RPF has a network to meet the needs of all project owners, but the decision is always made by the client;

  • EPC/Contractor Choice – The EPC/Contractor(s) are chosen by the project owner with advisory services, if requested, provided at no cost by RPF;

  • RPF uses a streamlined process for applicants to enter the program;

  • A project may be a group of projects;

  • Projects can be added, modified, or dropped during the funding process and the funding will be adjusted accordingly.

Contact RPF for detailed information regarding program entry requirements.

NOTE: This is for information only and not a solicitation from Ryan Project Funding, LLC.

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